Digital OutReach Platform

  • Achieve Better Reach to Prospects / Clients
  • Advertise New Products and Offers

Business Search Platform

  • Search and locate Businesses and Utilities
  • Receive Offers and Discounts


Business Cards Platform

  • Easily Design, Create, Issue, Share, Store & Retrieve Cards
  • Help Save our Forests, Save Trees & Water
  • Help in reducing Global Warming


Hiring Visibility Platform

  • Automatically Update CV’s, with promotions & achievements
  • Be Visible to Recruiters

Update Platform*

  • Automatically Update your Social Sites with Achievements and Promotions

" * Not a standard feature yet. Subject to Feasible integrations in the future "

about us


SoViCa is a Platform and is standard for “Soft Visiting Cards”, we wanted to create a seamless experience that is better than the conventional means. That meant removing all existing barriers of card creation, issuance, sharing, storing and usage, and making the process as simple as possible. We also wanted to add more innovative features around it. SoViCa incidentally also signifies “So We Care- Care for the Nature and the Mother earth.” It is a small step to get everyone aligned to this and put in an effort, not only to save trees but also to ensure that we plant more and maintain them. At the same time, we intend to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce water pollution. The matter of Saving Trees and Planting more of them has become a necessity rather than an option. Some stark facts are as under

1. India ranks 177/180 countries in steps taken to arrest Global warming.

2. There are only 28 trees per person in India which is one of the lowest compared to approx. 9000 trees per person in Canada

3. India imports pulp to cater to its paper needs

4. It is estimated that by 2020 40% of Indian states would have scarcity of water.

5. Temperatures are touching new highs year on year.

• Find alternate digital options for all paper-based applications.
• Aim Primarily to Save Trees. Reduce Co2 emissions, Reduce Water pollution, Increase ground water levels.
• Create a sustained fund which will be deployed to Plant trees.
• Enable Lower end skill workers to be part of the digital ecosystem and have direct access to customers.
• Offer a new Digital Platform which is non-invasive in nature for the user.
• Create and offer a single integrated platform to users which addresses multiple HUMAN NEEDS rather than addressing individual HUMANS'S NEED
• Reach out to tier 2 and 3 cities and also to move down to rural markets

PLATFORM BRIEF: The platform offers

• Digital Business Card Option as the core offering - includes Creating and managing Business Cards, Achieving Zero Wastage, Converting received Physical cards to digital cards, etc., adding Rich features to the Business Card functionality.
• Business offerings and Discounts Option - Individuals and Businesses can upload offers and discounts. A new Method of being there, where needed at the right time needed.
• Business Search Option - Fundamentally the other side of Offers....here users can seek various offers and discounts on items that they need, at the right moment and at the right place. Also, can check for offers in other areas / cities.
• Essential Utility Provisioning option - Provision to on-board less privileged skilled workers to be on the digital platform and giving them direct access to customers.
• Highway Emergency Services Option - Crowd sourcing option - Add on feature which helps app users to seek Emergency Highway services like Puncture-walas, Mechanics, Clinics etc when on the move.
• Digital Invoicing Option - Helps Businesses to directly raise and deliver digital invoices to the users. Helps user to manage multiple invoices in a jiffy.
• Recruitment Option - Also couples up as a Recruitment platform where prospects can upload their resumes and recruiters can parse through and access digital resumes in a single platform.

We are SoViCa and we are here to make digital cards smarter than ever, helping your businesses to
a. Achieve better
b. Reach better
c. Save better
d. Manage better
e. Connect with clients & prospects better
f. Help the Greener Initiative better
g. Save trees and water better


"SoViCa the Platform - brings out the immense potential, a humble Visiting card can bring about in its Digitised Avatar. The Platform is extremely well thought about and weaves up an array of simple but strong functionalities around the digitised card and will become a boon for everyone who downloads and or Subscribes to the services........Wish the SoViCa team a great success ahead ....."

/ Gajanan Sakhare
Director, SmartCloud
Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. Pune

"It's amazing idea, where our flora will be secured, Every share of this e-visiting card will be able to save trees. It will really reduce burden on forest. Will completly endose this product for future of our green."

Vijay Nishant
Urban Conservationalist,
Tree Doctor,Tree Committee Member, Karnataka

our team

Prashant Rajput

Ravi Deshmukh

Rohit Thakur

Anand Bholane

Pritam Kale

Nishant Deshmukh

Rahul Rajput

Kaustubh Barhate

Sandhya Damare


SoViCa Benefits



Basic SoViCa Can be Designed in very little time SoViCa Can be changed with minimal effort
Can deliver SoViCa instantly to User
Can Withdraw SoViCa once an Employee Leaves organisation
Can reach out to Clients who hold SoViCa’s
Can Save Costs with SoViCa
Can send out Notifications using SoViCa’s
Can Redesign all SoViCa’s without any cost



Gets SoViCa instantly
Does not have to carry SoViCa’s
Update your phone contacts in a jiffy
Always on Anytime Anywhere
Can track all the Shares User does
All Receivers know when User Gets promoted or changes Jobs
Can reach out to all contacts in just one Click.
Has an Automated Resume Option
Can be Verified as the authenticated User



Contacts get automatically updated with Senders Basic details
Get to know when a User gets promoted
Update your phone contacts in a jiffy
Get to know when a User quits
Get to know who replaced the quitting User
Get to know various Offers available
With Auto Navigation feature find office locations of Users
Enhanced Safety for Housewives with Photo SoViCa’s


Benefits and Features


Soft Visting card


Design : Brilliant colours

March 23rd, 2016

A punch of colour on your custom business card adds flair and style. Design your card with colours that illustrate features of your company – if your company is bright and fun, choose a business card with vibrant hues.


Business card

June 23rd, 2016 (703) 961-9715

An effective business card should have: Job Title. Tell contacts know who you are and what you do. Contact Information. Include a phone number, email, website and social media profiles.A Visual with Breathability. Allow for white space in the design.


Business Cards now come
with Photos and location

September 25rd, 2016

Add your photo or photo of your service member to authenticate him on visits. You can also add location on your card now and this would be absolutely accurate. This would help a new comer to your city to easily locate you / your office.

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    Greenland ice melts four times faster in a decade:Study

    22 January 2019 8584528407

    COPENHAGEN: Greenland's melting ice, which causes sea levels to rise, disappeared four times faster in 2013 than in 2003 and is noticeable across the Arctic island, not just on glaciers, researchers warned on Tuesday.While 111 cubic kilometres of ice disappeared per year in 2003, 10 years later this figure had almost quadrupled to 428 cubic kilometres," the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Space Lab said in a statement.

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    source by (778) 278-1733

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    (740) 982-5125

    20 October 2018

    For most of us, thinking about Lakshadweep islands conjures images of pristine beaches, clear blue seas and fascinating coral reefs that are home to a diversity of plant and animal life.A nearly two-decade-long study by the Oceans and Coasts Program of the Nature Conservation Foundation’s (NCF) has found that the absolute coral cover in these islands has reduced from 51.6% in 1998 to 11% in 2017, a staggering 40% decline.

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    source by (218) 631-5233

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    More forest fires may burn as climate change triggers extreme weather patterns, warns govt

    10 October 2018

    Forest fires in India might increase in the coming days because of extreme weather patterns triggered by climate change, warns a report by the Union environment ministry and the World Bank. It shows 20 districts in central India accounted for 48% of the total area burnt by forest fires between 2003 and 2016.In a separate event earlier in the day, Vardhan said action plans on climate change, conceptualised about a decade ago, were being revised taking into account the current realities of global warming.

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    source by hindustantimes.com

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    26 September 2018

    UNITED NATIONS:UN General Assembly President Maria Fernanda Espinosa cited the recent devastating floods in Kerala, among other natural disasters wrecking havoc across the world, to make a call to the world leaders to achieve progress on agreements aimed at slowing climate change.In her address to the world leaders, she listed her priorities, saying she will work for gender equality and empowerment of women, implementation of the new global compacts on migration and refugees, creation of decent work opportunities for all as well as greater attention to environmental protection.

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    source by 8253872204

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    Fast melting Arctic ice may hit Indian monsoon: Study

    18 August 2018

    The polar Arctic zone, which has been melting for much of the last two centuries, shows an accelerated pace after 1970, a new paper published by scientists at the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) at Goa this week has said.The Centre also said that faster melting of Arctic ice can have adverse implications for Indian monsoon rain. The scientists hope that the study will help in further understanding of the global climate and particularly India’s south-west monsoon as they hinge on the rate of melting of polar ice caps.

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    source by 817-873-5698

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    Earth overshoot day: Today the planet runs out of natural resources

    01 August 2018

    This year, August 1 marks the Earth Overshoot Day, the day when humanity would have used up all the natural resources that can be replenished by the Earth within a year.This year, the day arrives one day earlier than last year and is the earliest since the overshoot began in the 1970s. The growing needs of the humanity means that this date has been moving up the calendar - from late September in 1997 to its earliest yet this year.

    (877) 294-2914

    source by 586-484-8751

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    13 July 2018 (352) 843-6396

    Close to 15,000 people died prematurely in Delhi in 2016 from illnesses linked to fine particulate matter pollution, according to a new study by researchers from India, Singapore and Thailand that assessed pollution-related deaths in 13 megacities in south Asia and China.Heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, lung cancer among adults and upper respiratory tract illnesses in children are all related to particulate pollution exposure.


    source by hindustantimes.com

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    (561) 641-3834

    28 June 2018 5854955526

    Climate change if unchecked will lower living standards of about half of South Asia’s population by 2050, with people in central India likely to be worst hit, a World Bank report will say.Overall 600 million Indians will be moderately or severely affected by changes in temperature and rainfall. People living inland are more likely to witness an erosion in living standards compared to those in coastal and hilly regions, says the report that will be released on Thursday.

    (978) 212-8888

    source by hindustantimes.com

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    Quarter of land will be drier under 2C warming: study

    1st January 2018 901-530-8679

    More than a quarter of Earth's land surface will become "significantly" drier even if humanity manages to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius, the goal espoused in the Paris Agreement, scientists said. But if we contain average warming to 1.5C (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit), this will be limited to about a tenth -- sparing two-thirds of the land projected to parch under 2C, they concluded in a study published in Nature Climate Change on Monday.

    source by The Daily Star

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    Restore 52-acres of felled forest

    5th December 2017

    The Aravalli hills just lost 7000 trees in Haryana. 52 acres of precious forest cover was cut down so that a residential complex can be built.The site is in the Aravallis which are zoned as Natural Conservation Zone (NCZ) in the NCR, where construction is limited to just half a percent (0.5%) and residential construction is not permitted. At least 7000 trees have already been felled using bulldozers at the 52 acre site.

    source by change.org

  • 847-836-2700


    30th October 2017

    The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere in 2016bhit a new high which was last experienced 3-5 million years ago, according to the United Nations. Blaming human activities and EI Nino for the increase, the UN warned that "without rapid CO2 cuts, we'll be heading for dangerous temperature increase by the end of this century".

    source by (385) 424-1924

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    Save Trees

    1st October 2017 8664921432

    A common human being breathes, the amount of oxygen in a day, which is sufficient to fill 3 oxygen cylinders. One oxygen cylinder’s cost is Rs. 700 , so a common human consumes oxygen worth Rs 2100 per day. And in a year it’s Rs 7,66,500 and in the lifespan of 65 years, a person consumes oxygen of more than 5 crores.We get the oxygen of crores in free of costs from trees, still we cut them.

    (708) 771-7573