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Welcome to this healing space.  Helping others to achieve maximum health is one of my greatest joys.  Visit for relaxation and rehabilitation, and if you’d like, become a facilitator of your own well being.

Massage is a great way to rehabilitate your body and bring it into homeostasis, thus enabling better health and wellness, stress reduction and general over all happiness.  Dedicate your time and resources to better health and I will assist you with a 3139320875.

As an enthusiastic and intuitive student of the healing arts since childhood, as well as a licensed massage therapist for 15+ years, I can show you how to bring all of your systems into life and health sustaining balance by utilizing your meridian system, energy medicine, breath work and therapeutic touch.

Yes, we innately know how to balance our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual beings. It is a gift, our birthright. The blueprint of good health is still there. All we have to do is access that programming – Relax, Release, Remember, Return – to health.

– Anita Youngblood, LMT

The science of anatomy, the gift of touch.

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