bingoGreetings and salutations, my fellow bingo fans! Today, I’m actually planning on writing about something a tad bit different from before. Yes, the rumors are true, ladies and gentlemen – today our topic of discussion will be slots, more specifically online slots (though really, most of what I say can be rather easily applied to physical slots as well). Why? Well, that’s because I believe that slots and bingo have a lot in common, and that many of you bingo lovers will also enjoy slots! Sure, the similarities may not be obvious at first, but it should really tell you something when research has found that the people who play slots and the people who play bingo 505-951-3157. Now, I’m no scientist, but maybe they’re onto something, wouldn’t you say?

So, what are slots, anyway? Aren’t they just a bunch of reels that you spin in the hopes of matching the symbols? In as much as bingo is just a bunch of balls rolling around. There’s so much more going on in modern slots that most people don’t suspect! There’s bonus games, gamble options, free spins, jackpots… I mean, sure, let’s be honest here, the main gameplay feature of slots is still pushing a button and watching some symbols spin, but that’s not really all that’s happening on the screen. Slots were, first and foremost, designed to be a spectacle even when they don’t provide any interactivity. Take, for example, “Aliens”, one of my most beloved games. Based on the classic James Cameron movie about a group of space marines stuck on a planet filled with murderous xenomorphs, “Aliens” features a bonus round where one of the marines has to navigate through a hallway, collecting ammo and dispatching aliens until he gets to the Alien Queen and exterminates her, which earns you a gigantic bonus. Whether or not our protagonist will succeed is 100% entirely up to chance, all you can do is stand back and watch, but I’ll be damned if it’s not one of the most entertaining bonus games ever!

That’s not to say that all bonus rounds lack interactivity – due to laws preventing arcade-style minigames in gambling (which is actually going to be overruled in multiple territories soon, so yay) most bonus games involve choosing one or more of several objects. For example, one of the mini games in “South Park” involves spraying hippies with a fire extinguisher, with each hippie bringing you a certain monetary bonus but if you spray a police officer by mistake the game is over. In addition, some games, such as “King Kong”, offer more reflex-based bonuses where you need to smash the planes out of the sky before they can shoot Kong down. And then there’s the various features which aren’t related to the bonus games, such as the so-called “gamble” option. In some games, such as “Game of Thrones” or “Gladiator”, you can choose to wager any winnings on a coin toss – if you win, you get to double it, but if you lose you end up right where you started!

Overall, the point that I’m trying to make is that you shouldn’t try to write off slots just because they’re simplistic – that’s what a lot of people are doing with bingo, and we all know it’s not very fair. Give them a shot! Who knows, best case scenario, you might end up finding a new hobby?

A great way to turn a regular evening into some bingo fun

Bingo is a great way to have fun for the elderlyWell hello everyone and hope you have all been well. Now that the winter is easing out and we are getting little glimpses of sun, the mood is generally much lighter and it’s easier to get around – by foot or driving. So I thought, let’s dedicate a post to an activity that will help keep not just you, but your friends and loved ones entertained as well. Let’s get ourselves a little bingo party going!
But don’t be inpatient, first things first.

This is a very logical question. Well depending on who is coming this can be anything from your own living room to the local pub or even a specially hired hall. If the weather is good, it is great to have a game going outside. Just make sure there are enough seats for everyone and a bathroom nearby. You should arrange for hats and sunscreen for all guests as well, you never know whose skin is more sensitive to the sun and at our age…well…you know the drill. Keep in mind the sound as well – it might be adorable to have some kids and pets running around but if it means you won’t hear your numbers being shouted it’s not really going to work out.

Who is coming?
Who can play? Everyone of course! Invite everyone you can think of, that’s the beauty of the game – providing they know the numbers (in English, unless you are about to host some international bingo session, in which case – do let me know how it goes!) and they are polite and fitting your friends’ circle. All jokes aside, the more people – the better.

Drinks & Food
This is very specific to your audience and what you can get your hands on in terms of accessibility and budget. To make life simpler, just stick to some more traditional things, I quite like the (949) 645-1012, you can find anything you want there for any taste and season. Just make sure it’s not too much or too little and best avoid hard drinks – we always have that one friend (…or friend of a friend) who doesn’t know their limits…and you don’t want to end the evening with accidents so don’t tempt fate and stick to soft drinks.

What to wear?
Ah, this can be fun! You can of course have a free dress code but I do suggest making the event that little bit more special and adding some fancy touch to it – pick a colour – “Blue evening”, “All in White” or a time period – 40s, 60s or if you’re more daring – 80s and 90s even (what? I was old back then as well, who cares!). Or maybe even a movie theme – let your imagination fly, it will sure result in lively talks and hilarious moments.

Well that’s all for now, do give this idea of mine a go and let me know of the outcome! I’d love to hear from you and hope you really have a great time preparing and playing your favourite game! Hope you enjoyed this post as always and come back soon for more!

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Bingo ballHey there, hope you’ve been staying put and Lady Luck has been smiling to you. I thought, with the dawn of a new year, we would all love to jump into new bonus grounds. So, here’s my guide to the best freebies offered by bingo providers online and, more importantly, how to get them.
Of course, before jumping into all that, I did my research. The best places you can refer to are (603) 230-1726. The important thing is they are trusted and reliable. You can judge that when you see that they offer some criticism alongside the pure praises. It’s normal to have the drawbacks of game providers pointed out, after all, nobody’s perfect. So, it’s always better when you are warned and know what to be careful about.

In brief, the best bonuses are high in amount, long in time validity and low in turnover requirements. The amount depends on the match percentage a site gives to your initial deposit. That’s the first you see and the easiest to check. But, you may want a free bonus. Such are available, just look under the Dragonfish or Cozy Games software. There are others, too. Yet, the size isn’t the most important thing. Which brings us to the other criteria.

Time validity should be checked because when you get a large bonus which expires soon, you may not be able to use it in full. What good are 50 bucks that are retrieved from your balance on the next day, when you are either not available to play, or there are no interesting events to attend and you can’t use your bonus funds to pre-buy tickets to big-prized games? Look for a validity of at least a week, and even a month. Some operators offer no limit for spending your bonus. Even better ;-).

The wagering requirements are the trickiest thing in online games and bonuses. They make sure you don’t abuse the free credits and you use them to play. So, when you claim a tenner on top of your own cash, you have to wager this tenner at least twice before you can request any withdrawal. Should you try to cash out your own deposited money, you are free to do so, but you’ll lose the bonus. Tough situation, huh? And if you think twice is too much, wait to hear about the requirements of some sites. You can be asked to turn over the total of your deposit and bonus 4 times or even more before you claim your winnings! That practically means that you’ll wager off all that you’ve won and it may not be enough! I’d very sincerely advise you: Check the wagering terms in advance! Imagine you get 50 bucks for a deposited tenner and you have to wager the total amount 6 times. That’s 60 (50 bonus + 10 deposit) * 6 = 360 bucks to stake in specific games in order to cash out. Will you have something left to actually cash out, though?

Before you go and dive in the bonuses, however, make sure you are of legal age. Although bingo is considered rather soft, it’s still gambling. Check what the UK Gambling Commission has to say about it. The truth is that operators need us to get their business moving. That’s why they give away plenty of prizes, often not related to the game itself. They simply want to make sure we don’t try to use our player accounts as savings accounts. Well, if you mind my advice and use the tips above, I’m sure you’ll fare quite well.

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(626) 684-2174

play bingoAlright, it’s been some time since I said my first hello and I have been wondering how to begin. First steps are always a struggle…although…in the animal kingdom it’s not always the case. I guess there’s the downside of having a more advanced brain, you need some time to work it all out. Just imagine babies being able to use their limbs properly and run around from day one…dear…the mess that would be! Let’s not digress. So yes, it seemed logical to start with the typical childish (I’ just on a roll today!) question – Why? Why do so many people enjoy bingo and is that really a good thing.

I looked into the history of the game. Without boring you with too much detail, let’s just jot down the most important events and get to the interesting stuff. It all started back in 1530 in Italy as Lotto d’Italia. Being simple, relaxing and fun game, it easily and quickly spread across Europe and was even used in educating children (there I go again!), making the learning experience lighter and more memorable. In 1778 the French developed Le Lotto, which is the origin of the modern five by five bingo card. When the game got to America, they were playing it with dried beans and calling the game “Beano”, which somehow (in a typically American fashion imho) in time they changed to “Bingo”.

Now what’s more interesting, the up sides of playing bingo apparently go far beyond just filling in time and making some cash. In a study by the Case Western Reserve University, researches found out that the game has benefits that extend well beyond socializing, especially for people with cognitive difficulties and visual perception problems. Another finding was that bingo players display faster hand and eye reflexes and are more accurate for longer into old age, since playing bingo regularly requires quick responses and keeps their brain alert.

Another expert in their field – Julie Winstone, of Southampton University, says players are faster and more accurate than non-bingo players.This all seems logical since, as I said above, playing requires and develops the ability to scan for information and memorise things quickly. „Concentration has been shown to decline with age so bingo could be helping older people sustain their attention for longer.”, she shared in an interview with the Guardian. So clearly, there is evidence that we, bingo lovers, are not a bunch of crazy old people, we are just on our way to becoming crazy old people. No, I am kidding. I have actually done my homework and the game is on the rise, especially over the past 2015, with younger and younger audiences being attracted to it, and the age gap of average bingo players age dropping to 25-30 yo. I did even come across some house party bingo nights whilst doing my research, but I think I might pass on that particular one.

There we go, first post done and over, I hope you had a good time reading it, do let me know if you have something to add or just say hi for no reason, I’d be glad to hear from you. Enjoy your day and hope to see you back soon!

Welcome to my Bingo Online Magazine for Seniors

bingo gamesHello everyone and first of all – thank you for reading this now. My name is Jannie Verhoof and I am presently living in the lovely region of France, that you all, I am sure, associate with wine. Yes, Bordeaux it is. I have been in love with bingo for many many years now and with my retirement recently (…alright, not so recently) have had a lot of spare time on my hands. Drinking wine, long walks in the countryside (more known as province here), touring the „chateau“s – this is all very pleasant but at some point I realised it is not enough to keep me entertained. So what better solution than to take that little step further and make my hobby into something a bit more than just that?

When my son dragged me in front of the PC for the first time some years ago, I confess to pulling my hair out trying to work it all out and getting all nostalgic about hand-written mail and in-person communication. Now, especially being abroad and traveling more, I appreciate technology much better and it is thanks to that (and some crazy conversations over a few bottles of wine with friends), after some help from very friendly younger lad in setting up this website, here we are.

This will be my personal journey, that you are welcome to join me in, through everything my favourite game has to offer to me and the likes of me (yes, we are not old, we are all 20 with a lot of years of experience on top…ahm), whatever I find that is new, useful and fun – I will put it all here. I cannot commit to regular posts as I am new to this and in all honesty – this is just for fun, I would hate for it to turn into some laborious task, so if you find some pleasure in reading me, do check this space often to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Thank you again for reading this and let’s get cracking!